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 Hague Conference on Private International Law, The (NEW)
With 80 Members (79 States and the European Union) representing all continents, the Hague Conference on Private International Law is a global inter-governmental organisation.

 Halifax House Price Index
This monthly Price Index has been published since 1983 and indicates how average house prices have changed over time.

Hein Online provides access to a collection of over 1,000 law and law related journals (including UK and US law journals).

 History and Politics Out Loud (HPOL)
A free collection of audio materials capturing significant political and historical events and personalities.

 House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP) includes the complete file of House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, also known as Sessional Papers, dating from 1715.

 House of Lords Judgments
This page lists the full text of all House of Lords judgments delivered from 14 November 1996 to 30 July 2009.

 House Price Index
Database from the Land Registry showing residential property values for England and Wales, including figures at national, regional and county level.

 Human Kinetics Library
Human Kinetics Library Core Collection provides more than 150 ebooks, including textbooks, supplementary monographs and materials for practitioners, and over 200 instructional videos concerned with health, fitness and performance in sport and exercise.


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