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Drawn from the British Newspaper Archive, this collection of regional newspapers (covering a variety of different areas of the country and different time periods) provides an alternative voice to the press of London and the big cities over a period of more than 200 years of British history. Comprised of more than 160 newspaper titles, the series brings together almost 5.5 million pages of historic content, in the form of articles, news reports, letters to the editor, advertisements, fiction, court reports and more. The collection includes newspapers that helped lead particular political or social movements such as the Reform movement, Chartism, and the Home Rule movement. So-called 'penny papers' aimed at the working and clerical classes are also present in the collection.

Please note: Access to The British Newspaper Archive ( is not available to higher education institutions; any content from the British Newspaper Archive which is not included in our British Library Newspapers collection can be freely accessed at Nottingham City Libraries ( using their public library subscription to the British Newspaper Archive.

 Subscription type: Subscription

 Platform: 5

 Coverage: Archival

 Coverage duration: 1732-1950

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