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 OHSIS (Occupational Health and Safety Information Service)Regulations and standards

Regulations and standards

OHSIS (Occupational Health and Safety Information Service) provides an up-to-date reference source of key health and safety documentation (including legislation and guidelines) relevant to the workplace. OHSIS contains full text documents.

 Subscription type: Subscription

 Platform: IHS

 Coverage: Current


Consult the library guide to create an account on the new IHS platform to access the OHSIS service

Registration guide:

Registration guide  

How to:

To access OHSIS, from the Main Menu of the IHS Markit site (i) select the Knowledge Workspace option, and then (ii) select the Occupational Health and Safety option from the search filter. The Registration guide includes an illustrated walkthrough of the process

 On-campus access

Access: Registration on site

 Off-campus access

Access: Registration on site



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